Juvenile Defense

Keep Your Child's Case in Juvenile Court

Keep Your Child's Case in Juvenile Court

Hire an experienced juvenile defense attorney in the Colorado Springs, CO area by contacting The Griffin Law Firm

Every parent fears the possibility of their child saying they've been charged with a crime. If your child is in legal trouble, you need to hire a juvenile criminal attorney in Colorado Springs, CO or the surrounding area. The Griffin Law Firm has years of experience in juvenile court, working with prosecutors and judges day-in and day-out.

Juvenile defense requires a lot of experience and empathy. Our attorneys understand the sensitivity of these issues, and we'll do everything we can to help you through this process.

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Give your child the bright future they deserve

If your child is facing criminal charges, it can put a lot of their future plans on hold. Hiring a defense attorney gives your child the best chance at an acquittal.

To best represent your child, our juvenile criminal attorney will...

  • Meet with you and your child to go over their case
  • Work with you to understand the rules of juvenile defense
  • Stand up for your child in court and present their case
  • Advocate for your child during an appeal, if necessary

Your child has a bright future ahead of them. Protect it by working with an experienced attorney today.